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"In my experience, Wylie knows how and when to involve attorneys in the sales process to maximize potential benefit and minimize unnecessary costs for the client."
Steve Natelson - Attorney

"It is unusual for a broker to be so knowledgeable about tax implications of different business sale structures. Wylie used me strategically in the negotiation process to help both buyer and seller come to an understanding for both parties benefit and to move the transaction forward. "
Doug Swinehart - CPA

"We ran into many unanticipated circumstances on the way to closing this purchase. Wylie was there every step of the way with expert advice and creative solutions to address these challenges and insure the successful closing of the transaction. "
Jeff Wetmore - Buyer

"After several site visits by qualified buyers, Wylie brought an offer at our target price. It required some creative financing to close the deal and Wylie was instrumental in helping us develop a structure that allowed the deal to move forward and 100% protected my interests."
Leo Hayward - Seller

"We’d had other brokers try to sell our property, unsuccessfully. Wylie brought us three offers to chose from."
Ginger Smith - Seller

"Wylie understood the tremendous tax consequences of different sale structures. He negotiated a sale structure with the buyer that saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars in potential tax liability. This is one smart guy!"
Robert Romero - Seller



Wylie Elson has built his reputation on a history of success coupled with industry knowledge and experience, and unparalleled customer service - making sure that clients' needs always come first.